Sherman Daily of Connie Ulrich Studio at Lowe Mill shows jewelry to Roger and Priscilla Parison during the Gallery Tour in December 2012. Lowe Mill and its more than 100 artists will once again take part in the summer tour, which takes place July 25 from 5 to 9 p.m. (Sarah Cole/

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But I can't help but wonder what would happen if the saturation of hotels in Prague's centre were to continue increasing at the current pace. What would happen to street life in downtown Prague if the majority of its buildings were used by tourists and no permanent residents lived there? It could become what architectural historian Zden��k Luke? warns against: a museum of carefully-preserved historical facades. In an interview several years ago, geologist and philosopher V��clav C��lek called tourists "thieves of atmosphere". Unlike residents,, who are forced to interact with the city on a deeper level,including starters Patrick Castleberry,, he argued,burberry outlet online, tourists merely take things: pictures,coach outlet online,gen9336, souvenirs,lv handbags, experiences and contribute nothing in return �C aside from the billions of crowns they spend,hollister clothing store, of course.

Hundreds of high school students will get a taste of college life when they visit the Henderson State University campus Nov. 6. Reddie for Henderson Day gives seniors an opportunity to meet current students,tory burch outlet online, tour the campus,, visit with academic departments and receive information on admissions,,appeared calm during the brie, financial aid, housing opportunities and non-academic organizations.All high school seniors are invited to participate in this special campus preview day. Registration and check-in will be from 9-9:45 a.m. in front of Arkansas Hall. Parking is available at Wells Athletic Center. Shuttles will take students and their guests to the main campus. Various academic and social sessions will help both parents and students learn more about Henderson.To register,lv outlet, go to and click on the Reddie for Henderson Day button,, or visit Send email to or call 870-230-5028 or 1-800-228-7333 for more information. Students can register through Oct. 31.

Police say Alvarado was a passenger in the Hummer when they stopped it because the license plates were expired. But officers say they saw him pushing the gun into the glove compartment, and he told them the vehicle belonged to him.